8 Aralık 2009 Salı

The drama of a fat girl

yıllar önce george michael'in careless whisper ' ının üzerinde yaptığım çalışmam.

i feel so hungry
as i take my salad
and lead you to the burger
as the colaries dies
something in your eyes
calss to me a hot whooper
and all its sad good-byes

i'm never gonna burger again,
guilty mouth have got no appetence..
though it's easy to diet,
i know you're not a fool.

i should have known better than to have weight
and waste the chance that id been given
so i'm never gonna burger again
the way i've eaten with you...

time can never mend,
the careless whispers of a good friend.
to the heart and navel,debility is kind
there's no sex appeal in the truth,
ugliness is all you('ll) find.

never without our friendship

tonight the dinner seems so undelicious
i wish that i could lose the calories.
maybe it's better this way
we'd hurt each other
with the things we want to say.

i could have been so good forever
i could have made this diet forever...
but now, who's gonna eat with me?
please stay.

(and now it's never gonna be
that way...)

now that you're gone...
now that you're gone...
now that you're gone...
was what i did so wrong? (so wrong)
that you had to leave me alone?"

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